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Born on 14th March 1990 to Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mrs. Anita Sharma at Ranchi. Dr. Rakesh Kumar completed his schooling from Cambrian Public School, Kanke Road, Ranchi in 2007 only, but he was not in a position to continue his higher studies due to his family’s poor financial condition. That is the reason why, he decided to start freelancing and software development in the month of December 2009 just to start his family financially. He had a strong zeal to be a Software Engineer. Then after around 2 years, he took admission in B. Tech (Computer Science Engineering) at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Tatisilwai, Ranchi. He indulged himself in Computer Science Researches there at CIT. From August 2011 – till date, he has completed 15+ successful independent researches in the field of Programming Language Design, Information Security, Cryptography, Steganography, Variable Password, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence etc. He completed his B. Tech in the year 2015. He handled many research projects of M. Tech, PhD Scholars and Foreign Clients.

  1. 1. Los Angeles Development Church & Institute, Los Angeles conferred on him honory Doctorate Degree in Activism.
  2. 2. He is one of the peer reviewers of IJCSCN.
  3. 3. He reviewed the research manuscript of IEEE Access.
  4. 4. He is one of the peer reviewers of Science Publishing Group (i.e. ScierncePG), reputed International Journal
  5. 5. He is one of the peer reviewers of IJNCAA
  6. 6. LAP LAMBERT Academic publishing has published his book 'All about Steganography and detection of Stegano images' ISBN: 978-613-7-34037-0
  7. 7. He has written a Romantic Suspense Novel namely 'Yahi Hota Pyar: A Real Love Story' which is available on Kindle - Amazon. ASIN: B07JN8Q6X3.
  8. 8. He is one of the Life Time Members of STRA-Eurasia Research.
  9. 9. He is one of the Quarterly Franklin Members of London Journal press.
  10. 10. He is one of the professional Members of Institute for Engineering Research and Publication.
  11. 11. He is one of the peer reviewers of International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology.
  12. 12. He is one of the peer reviewers of International Journal of innovative Research in Engineering & Multidisciplinary Physical Science.
  13. 13. He is one of the members of the International Association of Engineers (IAENG). Membership No-247066
  14. 14. He is one of the members of IAENG society of Artificial intelligence.
  15. 15. He is one of the members of IAENG society of Computer Science.
  16. 16. He is one of the members of IAENG society of Scientific Computing.
  17. 17. He is one of the members of IAENG society of Software Engineering.
  18. 18. He is one of the VIP Crime Reporters of Julm Se Jung - National Newspaper.
  19. 19. He is the Regional Director of Ranchi Zone – GST International Trust
  20. 20. He is the Media Head (INDIA) -
  21. 21. He is one of the Peer Reviewers of ASTES Journal.
  22. 22. He is the Managing Director of “Enhance Your Skills ... Learn Yourself”

  23. In His Words...

RAKS N HARRISON R&D is India's first dedicated Computer Science Research and Development Cell. We have a dedicated team of Young Professionals with innovative minds. We strongly believe "Do whatever you do with complete dedication and perfection". Members of our Organization are like our family.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar