Our ongoing Projects:

1.) A brand new E-Bike with advanded Techenology:- An e-Bike that uses advanced technology in which battery of bike is not supposed to charge manually anymore. In that bike none of the petroleum products used for combustion. There will no silencer, no gears etc. It will be a Gearless Bike with top speed of 60 km/hr and of light weight. The bike will not have any key system, instead of that we have digital lock. Ignition will not start until the triple layer security check is passed. It's estimated on road price is around Rs. 85000 /- only.

2.) RAKs. M. Plus an Efficient Computer Programming Language for Future Advancement Scenario:- Raks. M. Plus is an efficient Computer Programming Language that is better, faster and more secured than C++. It overcomes all the flaws or loopholes of C++. Execution time of Raks. M. Plus is 30-35 % less than that of C++. It is not a buffered language like C++ as it has its own database in MySQL. You can save the result in that. No user can read the programs made by another user. Raks. M. Plus is made nearer to C++ so that it could be acceptable by all to learn the new technology.

Our completed Projects:

1.) RAKS. M. PK 1.0, an Efficient Methodology to Determine The Steganography Signature Of Steganography Tools

2.) RAKS. M. PK 2.0, an Efficient Methodology to Determine the Steganography Signature of Steganography Tools in Case of RGB Image

3.) Raks. M. ZX v1.0, An Efficient And Fully Secured Bike Security And Tracking System With Advanced Features

4.) RMP ZR 1.0, an Efficient Algorithm to Stop Secret Communication through Steganography over Internet

5.) Character And Personality Analysis System on the basis of facial features extraction

And many More...